Brooklyn Barbershop

    Last night was mad ill.

    May 7th 2012, the rain let up in Brooklyn for just enough time to let us pay homage to an inspirational artist and person from our hometown. MCA, who sadly passed away on May 4th, 2012, was a founding member of the prodigious Beastie Boys.

    On a personal note, the beatie boys were like older brothers to me. Inspeiring me as rappers,stereo type crushers, instrumentalists, culture kings, videographers, editors, business men, show men and as exceptional and special human beings. Thank you for the inspiration, for this and many many more good reasons, in the heart of Midwood Brooklyn, where it all began, we payed tribute to the energy he gave us in the best way we knew how.

    Thank you for your contributions to music, art, and humanity.

    Shout outs to Mike-D, King Ad Rock, and all of the family and friends of Adam Yauch. Our condolences during these difficult times.

    MCA’s essence lives on.

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